01. I [presumed] she was talking to me because she was looking right at me when she said it.
02. I don't know why Tina is absent today; [presumably], she is ill.
03. The knife found beside the victim is [presumably] the murder weapon.
04. One man is missing, and [presumed] dead after a fishing boat sank off the coast of the San Juan Islands this weekend.
05. In our legal system, the [presumption] is that you are innocent until proven guilty.
06. When she didn't come to work, I simply [presumed] that she was sick.
07. When you didn't answer the phone, I [presumed] you were out, so I didn't bother leaving a message because I was in a hurry.
08. There is a Latin proverb which states that those who are once found to be bad are [presumed] so forever.
09. On finding David Livingstone at Ujiji on Lake Tanganyika in November, 1871, British explorer Lord Stanley said, "Dr. Livingstone, I [presume]?"
10. People have a tendency to evaluate other cultures in reference to their own [presumably] superior culture.
11. All the stars which are in a cluster [presumably] formed from the same cloud of gas.
12. The pilot of the plane that went down in the Rockies is [presumed] dead.
13. The actor died of a [presumed] drug overdose, though authorities have refused to comment on the case.
14. The [presumption] that all white males are sexist and racist is in itself discriminatory.
15. Older elephants teach younger ones how to behave, and [presumably] about the landscape and foodstuffs.
16. [Presuming] Ralph and Betty are able to come to the party, we will have six couples here Friday.

Grammatical examples in English. 2013.


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